Ross Ehudin, owner of of G & E Contractors, was appointed to the Maryland State Board of Public Accountancy by the Governor of Maryland. You can read the recent press release:

Ross Ehudin Appointed To Maryland State Board of Public Accountancy


Contact: Ross Ehudin

Baltimore, MD, December  6, 2013 – The Governor of Maryland has appointed Ross Ehudin as the newest member of the Maryland State Board of Public Accountancy. Mr. Ehudin’s appointment run for a term of three years from July 1, 2013.

Mr. Ehudin was thanked by the Governor for his “strong commitment to serve the best interests of our citizens.” Mr. Ehudin is looking forward to making a positive difference for all Marylanders.

“I am very happy to have this appointment. It means a great deal to be entrusted with this type of position,” confides Ross Ehudin. “I look forward to helping make a difference in Maryland.”

Ross Ehudin has had a great deal of experience working local city and state departments  as owner of G & E Construction. As the oldest remodeling contracting business in the state Maryland, G & E Contractors provided remodeling services to all parts of the state of Maryland in a residential and commercial capacity. G & E Contractors has even had the honor remodeling some of the Governor’s Mansion and Communication Center in Annapolis.

“I have always risen to meet any challenge,” says Mr. Ehudin, “this appointment will be no different.”

Mr. Ehudin will be sworn in by the end of 2013, and serve the appointment as a member of the Maryland State Board of Public Accountancy until June 30, 2015.

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