The idea of remodeling your outdated or dysfunctional kitchen shouldn’t make your blood pressure rise; it can actually be an enjoyable experience if you keep these hints in mind:

Hire a professional remodeler. Sure, those big do-it-yourself stores can sell you off-the shelf cabinets for you, your spouse, or a friend to install, but working with a professional remodeler who has installed hundreds of kitchens is more likely to ensure a great job and keep major mistakes from happening. Checking with your local Better Business Bureau and state licensing agency will give you a good idea of the remodeler’s record.

A professional remodeler will ask about things important to the kitchen design: how many people in your family? Who does the cooking? Is he or she left- or right-handed? What do you or don’t you like about the current layout? Which appliances are being replaced? These and a dozen more questions will help your remodeling contractor see the project through your eyes.

Ask about the latest trends and materials and their durability. Choosing the soapstone or poured concrete countertop may seem like a way for your kitchen to make a statement, but there could be problems you didn’t anticipate that you wouldn’t have had with a quality granite, quartz or designer laminate countertop.

Don’t skimp on the lighting. Both general and task lighting should be employed to make that new kitchen a bright and enjoyable place to be; and additional window or skylight can help, too.

Unless you’re planning on living there forever, keep resale value and future buyers in mind. You may love those lime green back splashes today, but five years from now you may wonder what you had been thinking and realize that a new buyer may wonder the dame thing!

Have realistic expectations. Your kitchen is probably going to be unusable for several weeks. A flexible schedule and a reasonable timetable allowing for unexpected delays will keep you off your meds. Just keep in mind that the time it takes for proper planning, installation and incidentals is going to ensure that your new kitchen will be all that you’ve dreamed about and will create added value to your home, both in increased enjoyment and actual monetary value.

Stan Sirody
G and E Contractors, Inc.
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