What Are Four Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes That People Make When They Want to Remodel Their Kitchens?

I think people want to cut corners too short. In this economy, more and more people do that type of thing. Really, I would rather work closer with people, do it at a very, very low markup and please people do a complete job. It’s really, really important to do a complete kitchen job.

There’s a lot of reasons. For example, if you do a floor and you don’t do the cabinets and you don’t move the appliances and you don’t do all that other stuff, you’re going to probably wind up having to do a new floor or redo a majority of the work after.

If you take shortcuts, for example, you don’t do new backsplashes. You don’t take out all the countertops. You don’t either completely reface, take out all the cabinets, or restore all the cabinet fronts in one way or another then you’re going to have problems. You’re going to wind up having to re-paint. You’re going to wind up probably having to put up a new backsplash. You’re going to probably have to order new appliances or at least do a new hookup to the appliances which means additional plumbing and electrical expenses and, you will probably have to do a new floor or do a substantial repair.

It is better to do a complete job. What you should do is we have about 15 or 20 very, very high-end award-winning kitchen and bathroom designers. It is always suggested to get one of our designers out there for an initial meeting, spend an hour or so with them. It usually takes between three and four and sometimes five meetings to plan out a nice kitchen or a bathroom job especially if it’s for a handicap bathroom or it’s a very high-end kitchen job.

In order to do these, you need to have these meetings. You have an initial meeting and you come back with maybe an initial drawing. Then, after you get the customer’s ideas and you use their ideas because it’s their kitchen. That’s the main room where they live in and where they eat in. It’s a vital room for their happiness and their household. That’s where families usually meet.

You want to have a third meeting after you’ve had a revised drawing based on their interest, their needs, their family’s situation whether you have children, whether you guys want to have a little family, they’ll go off to the sides. Do you want to have another set of cabinets running down the sides? Do you want to have another island?

What kind of floor do you have? Do you have young children? Maybe you don’t want to have a ceramic floor because in case the children will get hurt or something while they are one or two or they’re toddlers. You might want to have a floor that’s more safety.

We believe in safety. A lot of times, people have children below the age of three, four, or five. You have to make sure the kitchen is safe, the cabinet…

Everybody is different. If you were in your fifties or sixties, you want a more relaxed setting, maybe some windows out, you’re in a place where you could look out and have a relaxing thing in the morning where you can sit down and have coffee for an hour or so versus somebody maybe with four, or five small children where safety would be a more important situation here.

Obviously, if you were in your fifties or sixties, you might want a corian, or a granite, or a high-end surface for a countertop. If you’re younger, in this economy, we might suggest a countertop with Wilsonart or Mica.

It all depends on your needs but, don’t take shortcuts. Let us draw it out once or twice sometimes. We can do a computer drawing for you. Sometimes, it works better for our architects or kitchen designers. They do more in depth handwritten drawings.

But, those are the biggest problems. Those are the several reasons why people get into jams because they try to save money initially. They do just the floor then, they realize, “Oh my goodness gracious! We’re going to have to replace that appliance. We’re going to have to re-paint that wall. We’re going to have to break down that wall. We’re going to have to put another isle in it.”

It all should be done with a plan, a very intricate plan as if you were building a building or doing a room addition. The kitchen is a very important project in your home. You need to do a design. Sometimes, revise that design two or three times according to your interest.

What about the Mistake of Choosing an Inexperienced Company?

I’m quite biased because we’re a third generation company that’s been around for close to seventy-five years. We’re the oldest remodeler in Maryland…. But, I believe the test of time is very important – longevity.

I’ve learned this business from my dad. I’ve been involved in this business for close to fifty years now. I understand the pitfalls of not doing jobs right, not doing them up to code, not getting the proper permits, not getting the proper inspection.

New contractors come and go after two or three years. They don’t realize what it is to get permits, to get jobs up to code, to not cut corners, to have a licensed master plumber or electrician doing the work, to have a contractor in there that knows how to do it in a timely fashion, to get the kitchen done in a week not in six months. These are all pitfalls that unlicensed and inexperienced contractors go through.

Then, we give a lifetime guarantee but, our lifetime guarantee means something because you have three generations. You have seventy-five years of experience behind us and the same license number as we had in the 1940s. We care. Our lifetime guarantee means something.

When we say we guarantee the lifetime of the materials and the labor for a lifetime, it means something. A company that’s been in business three years, five years, or even ten years, what could a lifetime guarantee mean?

What about the Mistake of Deciding for Current Trends as Opposed to Functionality for Your Family?

I think it’s all important. Our designers want to do both. We want to a kitchen that’s functional but, we want one that’s going to be with the needs in the latest styles.

Consumers are more educated than they’ve ever been. Consumers know as much as my kitchen designers. They are always checking out Lowe’s, Home Depot and kitchen magazines, and Ikea magazines… all kinds of new Internet things.  You go on to Google now and you look for kitchen stuff. There’s all kinds of materials, all kinds of new stuff that are coming out every day.

For us to be the best we can be for you, we have to stay up on the latest trends, on the latest cabinets, on the latest supplies where it allows us to buy materials better more inexpensively for you. It allows us to get the latest designs.

Our kitchen designers, they all can do computer 3D drawings. We make them be as high-tech as we can so that, we can bring it to you. We can have a showroom right in your home.

It’s very important that we stay up on the trends and everything because we supply you a certain type of, for example, countertop surface and there’s something new other than granite. There’s a better stone out there that’s less expensive. And we’re doing you a disservice.

If we don’t find the exact way to lay this out properly and you have to have it redone again in three or four years, we’re doing you a complete disservice. We try not to do that kind of thing.

I totally urge consumers to meet with us three, four, or five times before deciding on what they are going to do with their kitchen. We really want people to take it slow and be careful, get to know us, get the feel of the cabinet. And then, we want to talk about the other options like maybe doing kitchen refacing which is quite popular. It works out well.

One of the new trends and one of the hottest things is kitchen restoration which means we take the actual cabinet front down and restore them. That’s very, very popular. Those are the kind of things that we need to introduce to our customers.

Any Other Mistakes That People Make When Considering Kitchen Remodeling That You See?

They make a lot of mistakes. They try to do their own electrical work and it turns out that it doesn’t pass inspection. They don’t have proper lighting in the house. They may choose to do an inferior type of laminate on the countertop and it will delaminate. Some of these countertops actually just delaminate within a year or so which is terrible! We want our countertops to last a lifetime!

Getting a proper all-wood cabinet, all our cabinets are wood or solid maple. All wood cabinets, it’s very important to do that so the life of a cabinet is forever. And, just laying it out in a positive fashion so, you don’t have to do it twice. So, you don’t have to buy appliances again.

We want to do the kitchen one time. We want to do it right. We want to get it done within seven to ten days and hopefully have no maintenance for you guys. We are all in there, 24-7. You can call us anytime. You can email us anytime, Saturday or Sunday, late at night, it doesn’t matter. We have 24-7 servicemen and a handyman service at all times. But, we hope that with the job we do, you won’t need us.

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