Kitchen modification as well as alteration is a project where many homeowners like to partake. Reasons can come from increasing marketability of the property, to perking up an old kitchen or just simply liking the feel of a brand new kitchen. Whatever the reason may be, careful planning as well as understanding the process of the renovation is essential to achieve the benefits an alteration can do.

ADA standards for kitchen modification are necessary to make it usable and accessible for the elderly and disabled. Great care must be taken when planning the design to ensure the layout will meet all your needs and to make your kitchen very comfortable and easy to use.

Wheelchair Accessible Cook Top

The installation of a wheelchair accessible cook top is necessary to make it easy and safe to use. It is quite dangerous for someone on a wheelchair to reach across a hot stove, shifting pots and pans. Installing this option prevents injuries every year.

At G&E Contractors  we have the necessary tools and equipment to help a home owner on how to alter their home design to meet the needs.

Wheelchair Accessible Sinks

This is one of the most taken for granted kitchen amenity that most home builders forget. Getting older and accidents are facts of life. Therefore more and more homeowners are calling for home contractors to get their disabled kitchen alteration done.

Installing a wheelchair accessible sink in your home or your loves ones home will make it easy for them to use the sink without having to stretch out or dangerously or prop themselves up on their chair. Often times the existing plumbing under your sink was never considered carefully when it was originally built. The existing drains are right where your footrests and knees need to go. And with this the plumbing needs to be altered.  The vanity cabinets or cupboards needs to go, including the cabinet base. The good news is, adjustable height units are available as well.

At G&E Contractors  we have started to listen to what our customer’s need and have started coming up with very innovative solutions for your kitchen modification needs.

Wheelchair Accessible Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are important in any homes. Therefore in any ADA kitchen modification project, accessible cabinet is a must. Careful considerations should be made since kitchen cabinets located above the countertop can be difficult to reach or if located at the floor can sometimes be cumbersome to open. At Mariel’s home Improvement we can customize the cabinets according to your preferred height and need.

Accessible Plugs and Switches

Plugs and switches are often times the most overlooked design detail in a kitchen. For an individual in a wheelchair it can be out of reach and difficult if there is an obstruction on the way, situations such as switches located on a countertop with kitchen appliances on the way.  So is with plug in receptacles. It can be difficult to maneuver especially if you are in a wheelchair.

Call G&E Contractors for complete transformation of your kitchen that is according to ADA standards.

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