Your bathroom can be altered for walker and wheelchair access. It can be modified to make it easier for a disabled individual to maneuver. It is one of our most requested services which prevent injury and make it accessible for a person on a wheelchair or walker.

Bathroom Doors

The modification should start at the door. The door should be 36” to accommodate a wheelchair including the idea of where a wheelchair needs to be turned for access. The door and the door frame needs to be replaced. Light switch needs to be relocated. A new flooring design can be installed to match the design of the new door and door frame. An experienced carpenter with the necessary tools can finish the job with high quality results.


Transferring from a wheelchair to the bathtub can be hard and is considered to be very dangerous. But by following ADA standards the tub area can be carefully designed to provide safety. Grab bars can be installed to provide support especially when showering. While others love tubs, many people find it hard to maneuver. Bath tubs can be replaces with showers if needed. However, if it is not an option, tub transfer seats can be installed to allow a person to sit in the tub and take a shower without the need to lower themselves to the tub floor.
As mentioned earlier, tubs can be replaced by a shower. Some people find it hard to step in and out of the tub because of its high or slippery walls. At Mariel’s Home Improvements we can custom build your showers that would surely work for you.


The toilet seat height varies from each individual to another. The standard seat height units are generally 17” high. It can be too low for others that it makes it very difficult to get up. Replacing the seat height to a 19” ADA toilet can be a great option. Wall to floor grab bar can be very useful when installed between the toilet and the shower. It greatly helps with balancing and support.


It can be installed to allow wheel chair access. When a sink is lowered to meet the need, vanity cabinets can be removed which will expose the plumbing pipes. This will require covering with insulation or boxed in for safety. Wall mounted lavatory is strongly suggested since it will be easy for an individual in a wheelchair to use. Faucet control can be replaced easily as long as you have the right tools and knowledge. Single lever controls is necessary to promote ease of usage. Also consider using the anti-scald temperature controls that prevents the water temperature from exceeding the established limit.

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