To some, a man cave is a place where they can unwind, relax and enjoy a couple of beers without noise and distractions. Usually it is the wife who rules when it comes to decorations and designs. But it would be her man’s idea when it comes to his man cave needs.

The basement is the perfect place for the location of a man cave. It is quiet, private and literally a place a husband can call his own. The options for remodeling a basement to become a place of relaxation are endless. The theme can differ from one person to the other. It can be made into a billiard room, video game room and the list can go on. The best way to determine what should be the theme of your man cave, start with your hobby or your passion. The purpose of a man cave is a place where you relax, what are the things that could make you relax and unwind?

Here are a few things you might want to read before starting the man cave project on your basement.


Converting your basement into your very gym is a great idea. That is of course if you like to work out. You might want to check out different gym equipments online. Anyway, if you love working out then a gym can become a great theme for a man cave.

Game Room

Men like to play games. It’s in their blood. So what could be more than a basement with a roomful of games from, pin balls to pool tables to video games and big TV screens to watch a favorite sports game? Renovating the basement to become a man cave with multiple game options can be like a dream come true for each man.

Basement Pool & Games Room

Home Theater

Men like to watch action movies or sports games without the kids changing it to their favorite cartoon channel. A home theater, with extra big screens and plush speakers would be enough to get your men excited.


While others like to engage in activities such as games or watching movies, others prefer to drink wine as their relaxing method. Incorporating a bar on your basement is a great idea.

Basement Home Bar

Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is another great idea in remodeling a basement. You can entertain or use your basement as a tasting room for your friends and family who are also into the passion.

Basement Home Theater

NO matter what man cave ideas or passion you might have in mind, proper planning and layout is a great way to start. There are several factors that need to be considered before remodeling your basement. First ensure that your basement is up for finishing. The ceiling height should also be considered, the foundation doesn’t leak and there should be no problem when it comes to code violations.

Those things mention above is a problem that can be fixed. If your ceiling is too low, then dig down and remove the existing concrete slab and after that pour a new concrete flooring slab. If you don’t have an egress window, you can cut through the wall and install one. Just remember though these things will add to the total remodeling cost. It’s just a heads up.

The second important thing you need to do is make sure there is no leakage on your basement. Ensure that the outside ground is sloped away from the foundation, the drain tile system is clear and operating the way that it should. Make sure that you have done everything you can to keep the water out. Another way to keep the water at bay is by installing an interior drain tile system. This is useful if your house don’t have an exterior system installed.
The next step is to frame the wall finishes. This is after you have made sure that the basement can stay dry. Use a treated sill plate set on sill sealer to start with. It is always smart to use a treated wood when it comes into contact with concrete.

Keep the basement warm by ensuring that it is properly insulated. A well insulated basement can greatly help in saving energy. In fact a residential code was mandated in 2012 that requires to have insulated basements in cold zones.

Spray-foam insulation can be a bit costly but totally better compared to the rest. The reason behind this is that this type of insulations can fill cavities making an airtight seal which in return will stop condensation from forming on the concrete foundation walls.

After all the framing, insulation, electrical wirings are set and other behind the wall things are done and passed safety measures, then your basement is ready for new drywall finishes.

Always leave a gap between the concrete floor and the bottom of the drywall. This is to ensure that the moisture from the concrete will not get into the drywall. Moisture trapped in building materials can cause problems in a home.

After it is done, painting is the next step. Let it dry then apply the finishing touches on your basement wall.



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