When your family needs more space, the best place to start the design is downstairs. Basement renovations are the most cost effective way to add a more casual living area for the family. Because you can utilize the existing foundation and structure overall, the cost per square foot will be less. With the help of professional contractors, a dark basement can turn into a bright and beautiful living space.

To begin your remodeling, you have to check your walls or any other sources where there is a possibility of leakage or dampness. Leakage can occur from bathtubs, water pipes, showers, and toilets. Water can also move from outside the house if there are cracks or gaps existing in the windows or doors. Basement dampness can be caused by the growth of elements (molds or mildews). Water seeping through the walls or the ceiling can also cause dampening. A high level of humidity in the rooms of your house may cause dampening walls too. Heating or cooling issues may also cause humidity problems, so it is best to hire heating and cooling contractors.

The way you choose to heat and insulate your basement area can make a difference to the moisture level and air quality of your basement. Fiberglass is an ideal insulating material for many basement rooms. Polystyrene can be almost as effective and tends to retain less moisture, which can actually be a bonus in the basement room. Adding radiant floor heating may help reduce the dust and debris that builds up in the basement.

Take inventory of the usable space that is in your basement. You have to think about what is most important to your family, such as a playroom for the kids, a games room for your teenage children or a home theater for the whole family. Think about what your family enjoys doing. To add comfort in your basement renovation, add features like a direct vent natural gas fireplace or a built in bar.
If the windows are large enough to use as a fire escape, the basement is a great place for a bedroom. This is written into the building code in many different places and is also a good guideline to use. The natural light coming in from a decently sized window will bring brightness to the basement level.

With the help of your trusted contractor, plumbing can be installed in the bathroom. Special toilets available that will pump the water up to the sewage drainpipe if necessary. A two-piece sink and toilet combo might be sufficient, just like a shower that your family can use.

If you can’t afford all the changes at once, then pick out the ones that are most important for now. Make a list of the materials you will need and try to estimate on the high side rather than the low side. It is always better to end up with a positive side at the end of your remodeling.

However you design it, your basement renovation will add casual living space for minimal cost. With the help of a professional contractor you can make the best use of the area and include all of the features your family needs, creating the most comfortable spot in the house.

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